Adult dependent visa which is alose known as ADR allows you to bring your relative to the UK.

This visa is normally granted under particualr circumstances, and allows a parent, grandparent, adult child or sibling of a British Citizen (or person settled status) to come to the UK in order to receive long term care from the sponsors withour relying on public funds.

The requirements to apply for the Adult dependent relative visa are as follows:

a) You must be over 18 years old and a close relative of the sponsor

b) You must satisfy that you need long term care in order to complete everyday tasks, due to illness, age or disability.

c) The care you require is unavailable or unaffordable in your country of origin

d) You must not have criminal convictions

e) Your sponsor can support and care for you without claiming public funds.

We have come across to various clients from every part of the world to represent Adult Dependent Relative Visa as the visa got refused due to an oversight, though this visa is not straightforward and needs proper scrutiny of the application before you submit it to the visa facilitation service in your country.

So should you wish to apply for the ADR then feel free to contact our team of expert immigration solicitors, however, prior to that we request the individuals to kindly read our reviews as well.

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