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Our family law solicitors are assisting, advising and representing individuals with respect to the divorce proceedings (best divorce lawyers near me).

Breakdown of any relationship is stressful, as it can be on the basis of:

A) unreasonable behavior: Controlling, threatening, non-cooperating and unreasonable behavior.

B) Adultery: Relationship with another person (man/women).

C) domestic violence: mental stress, assault and intimidating behavior.

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The most common basis of divorce is unreasonable behavior or domestic violence (even mental stress amounts to domestic violence).  If you have received a sealed copy of the petition from the Family Court then you need to acknowledge it, sign it and sent it back to the court.

You can either contest it or defend it or file a cross petition. To contest you can simply refuse to accept the statement of fact or the allegations raised in the statement of the petitioner but please be advised that you cannot able to defend the divorce, but you can certainly file a cross petition with your own statement of facts.

Our family law solicitors (best divorce lawyers near me) have in-depth knowledge about the family law proceedings therefore you feel free to contact our divorce lawyers for initial assessment of your divorce matter/proceedings.

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