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a) Divorce: Grounds of divorce: 1) Unreasonable behaviour 2) Mutual Consent with 2 years separation 3) Desertion 4) Adultery and 5) Parties who have lived apart for more than 5 years. 

b) Cross petition

c) Child contact Order: To apply for child contact order you need to fill in form C100, however prior to that you need to contact mediation services.

d) Prohibited steps Order

 e) Non-molestation Order: to apply for non-molestation order you need to fill in FL401. You further need to attach your statement of facts and can obtain a exparte non-molestation order. Once you will obtain a non-molestation then you need to serve it onto to the other party as per the directions of the family court, normally it has to be within 7 days. 

f) Occupation Order

g) Injunction: You can obtain an injunction if you are a victim of domestic violence.

h) Property Adjustment Order

i) Financial arrangement Order (Form E): To apply for financial arrangement order you need to exchange Form E with the other party. Form E is a very lenghty form and it needs to be filled in carefully.