C100 form required for Child Contact Order.

If you intend to apply for the Child contact  (C 100 form required for child contact order) then you need to fill in C 100 form however prior to that you need to contact the Mediation Services, you are now legally required to consider mediation before applying to the Family Court to resolve a dispute about your children or finances. Before submitting your application, you must attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting.

If your partner or spouse refuses you to have a contact with your child then you can apply to the Family Court and obtain a Child Contact Order (C 100 form required for child contact order).

The child contact order proceedings are quite lengthy if you and your partner do not consent to it. Their can be couple of hearings such as FHDRA (first hearing fro dispute resolution appointment) and then fact finding hearing which may last for two days. The Cafcass officer is bound to advice the court by providing an initial assessment report which will then follow with section 7 report and then a detailed report.

The family law court judges consider the best interest of the child in deciding whether the applicant can have a contact with the child, it can either be supervised or unsupervised. If it will be unsupervised then it will most probably be at the contact center or at a place which both parties agrees and consent to it, such common friends home and once the relationship will be build then the applicant can apply to extend the time.

So if you are intending to apply for the child contact order application then feel free to contact our team of expert family law solicitors who are serving you since 2008. Our head office is based in London whilst branch in Cardiff.