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If you are seeking to initiate divorce proceedings on the fact that your marriage or relationship is broken down irretrievably then feel free to contact our divorce and custody lawyers.

Our family law solicitors will assist, advice and represent you with the child contact order applications as well.

You need to contact mediation service before you initiate child contact order application. The form you need to submit to the family court is C100.

Once the application will be submitted at the family courts then the Cafcass officer will provide a report to the court which will advice the court, thereafter there will a first hearing for dispute resolution which can then be followed with fact finding hearing.

Before the fact finding hearing the parties needs to submit and exchange the bundle to the each other with all the evidence which they will be relying on.

If the children are 6-7 years on age then the Cafcass officer will conduct an independent interview of the child or children to find out the facts.

Our team of expert family law solicitors based are based in London and Cardiff and have a proven track record of representing the cases. Our family law solicitors are representing the clients since 2008, therefore it is vital for you to think before you contact the family law Solicitors.