Divorce and family law solicitors in Greenford (Southall).

Team of  expert family law solicitors:

Our team of expert family law solicitors is assisting, advising, and representing clients with all sorts of family law issues, such as:

a) Divorce:

On the basis of unreasonable behavior, domestic violence, 2 years separation with mutual consent, 5 years separation, or desertion.

 b) Child Contact Order or Child Arrangement Order (COA):

If you are willing to apply for the child contact order or a child arrangement order then do not worry as we understand the stress you have been to and can represent your proceedings at the family court. The form which you need to fill in is C100.

c) Financial Arrangement Order:

To split the finances we encourage our client to proceed with a clean break/consent order if not then initiate court proceedings and the form which the parties need to exchange is “Form E”.

Our firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), Divorce and family law solicitors in Greenford.

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