The breakdown of a relationship can be emotional and confusing.

Divorce, Dissolution, Separation 

Divorce proceedings are very stressful and emotional. The end of any relationship is both an unsettling and emotional time.

Divorce Solicitors 

when the relationship is not subsisting and the parties are not cohabiting then it reflect that the marriage has come to an end and you want to consider whether to commence divorce proceedings or in the case of same sex couples to dissolve the civil partnership. It is better to obtain a professional advise.

You can file the divorce on the following facts:
a) Adultery: If your spouse is having an affair with another person, but bear in mind it is hard to prove in the court.
b) Unreasonable behaviour: If the behaviour of your spouse is not reasonable, such as threathing, intimidating, unacceptable, not giving you proper attention, ignoring your, not co-operating with your, abusive and so on then you can file a divorce on the fact that his/her behaviour is unreasonable.
c) Two years separation with mutual consent: Parties are living separately and mutually consent to divorce.
d) Desertion
e) Five years separation
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Our expert (Divorce and Family Law) divorce solicitors in London and divorce Solicitors in Cardiff are dedicated to minimise the harm and distress that family breakdowns can cause to the children involved.
We have a proven track record of the divorce proceedings and it is vital to think and call a firm of solicitors who can understand every aspect of the breakdown of your marriage as it may include financial arragnements as well.

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