The Financial Clean Break Order

When a wedding or civil partnership has de-escalated Irretrievably and also the divorce or dissolution proceedings are pending within the court, the foremost stressful issue may be achieving a financial settlement that both parties agree.

A financial settlement can house things such as under:

maintenance of the parties
maintenance for youngsters of the family
dividing capital (savings, investments etc.)
change in ownership of the family home or other property
dividing the proceeds of the sale of the house
sharing of pension schemes

A financial clean break
order may be a court-ordered financial settlement that ends all monetary claims between the spouses or civil partners, except in regard to maintenance for kids as this can be nearly always addressed under a separate statutory scheme. Once a clean break order is created, the court cannot pander to any future claims by either party, aside from in truly exceptional circumstances.

Even if a pair has mutually set the financial arrangements and sharing of assets upon separation, a clean break order would protect against any future claims and help induce secure financial autonomy going forward.

Family Courts at England and Wales will pander to divorce financial settlements on a case by case basis with the final word goal of eliminating monetary ties between the new households whilst ensuring that the interests of any children under 18 are given first consideration.

It is vital to obtain expert advice from a professional family law solicitor before you wish to apply for the financial arrangement by way of this order from the family courts in England and Wales.

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