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a) UK Spouse visa

b) Discretionary leave to Remain

c) Immigration Appeals

d) Administrative Review

e) Judicial Review

f) Permission to Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal

g) Permission to Appeal to the Upper Tribunal

h) Permission to Appeal to the Court of Appeal

i) Indefinite Leave to Remain

j) Tier 2 visa extension

k) Visa on the basis of Human Rights Article 8

l) A child born in the UK

J) Skilled Worker Visa

k) Post Study Visa (PSW-Post Study Work Visa)

l) Asylum Claim refused

m) Bail Application

n) Apply for sponsors License

o) Apply for British Passport

p) Naturalize as British

q) Register a child as British

r) UK adult dependent visa

s) UK Ancestry Visa

t) UK Ancestry Visa refused

u) Spouse visa refused

w) Spouse visa appeal

x) UK visitor visa

y) Pre-action Protocol

z) Long residence visa

If you have lived in the United Kingdom unlawfully for 20 years then you are entitled to apply for a visa.

Religious worker visa category is now merged into Skilled Worker Visa.

If your Asylum Claim is pending for more then a year then you can apply to the UKVI/Home Office for working rights.

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