Motoring Offence Lawer

We Understand being accused of a road traffic offences is a stressful time and you may think that it’s impossible to defend yourself or save your driving licence. We analyse your case and give you our expert opinion on the strength of the evidence. We will discuss with you errors made by the prosecution, and whether you are in a state to avoid penalty points if convicted, however you will get a benefit of early plea, but if you do not plead guilty then the matter will go for the trial.

We are Specialist Solicitors for Road Traffic Offences:

There are plenty of general criminal Lawyers who suggest that they’re specialists in motoring offences.

This can not be correct if they cater to a mess of various forms of legal work.

Many solicitors are superb at representing somebody who has been accused of shoplifting or being in possession of controlled substances. But that doesn’t make them an expert in road traffic law.