To sponsor a skilled worker you need to apply for a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence.

You need to submit an online application to the UKVI/Home Office, after submission of your application you must send the following documentation to UKVI:

a) A Submission sheet signed and dated by the authorising officer.

b) All the documentation stated on the submission sheet (originals or certified copies)

c) All these documents must be sent within 5 working days

It will take upto 8 weeks but you can apply for fast track service as well.

Assigning of Skilled Worker Certificates of Sponsorship (COS)

Once you have been granted a skilled worker sponsor licence you can then assign a certificate of sponsorship (COS). You can assign a certificate of sponsorship to the migrants or a person who is already in the UK.

Your Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence will be valid for 4 years but it can be renewed online after 4 years.

Duties as a Skilled Worker Licenced Sponsor?

a) You need to maintain a track record/attendance or absent of the skilled worker

b) If the skilled worker is absent from work without your permission then you must notify it to the UKVI/Home Office

c) You should keep a copy of the Bio-Metric card of the Skilled worker

d) If the UKVI/Home Office request the copy of the bio-metric card of the skilled worker then you must provide it.

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