If you are in the UK on a UK Ancestry visa and have been living in the UK for 5 years and have not spent 180 days outside the UK in 12 months of the last 5 years (continuous residence) then you may be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (UK ancestry visa to ILR).

You must satisfy the following requirements:

a) Life in the UK

b) English test, but it can be exempted if your degree can be assessed by “An Academic Qualification Level Statement (AQUALS from ECCTIS-formerly UK NARIC)”, confirming a degree is equivalent to a UK qualification, in addition to that you need to provide an evidence that the degree was taught in English.

c) You are not using public funds

d) No criminal record

e) You have enough income to support yourselves and your dependants

Home Office fees is £2389 per person but if you want to apply on a super priority basis then it will add another £800 per person and you will get the decision within 2 working days after enrolling your bio-metrics.

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