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UK Spouse Visa Refused:

If your UK spouse visa is refused by the Home Office or by the Entry Clearance Officer then do not worry and contact our Team of expert Immigration Solicitors. 

Challenging the refusal:

If your Uk Spouse visa is refused then you can appeal the decision and lodge an appeal against the decision of the Home Office or of the Entry Clearance Officer, if you do not wish to appeal then you may apply again.

Time to Appeal the Refusal:

If your UK spouse visa is refused within the UK then you should appeal the Home Office decision within 14 calendar days, however, if it is refused by the Entry Clearance Office then you should appeal it within 28 calendar days.

Ways to Appeal:

Oral appeal or Paper Appeal.

Oral appeal Court fee is £140.00 whilst paper appeal fee is £80.00

You need to file grounds of appeal when you lodge an appeal. Once the appeal will be lodged then you will receive the Home Office bundle.

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