UK Visa appeal lawyer who can Assist, Advice and Represent your complex Immigration appeal matter at the First Tier Immigration and Asylum Chamber all over England and wales.

If your visa is refused with the right of appeal then you should avail your rights and lodge an appeal against the decision of the UKVI/Home Office, the appeal grounds are limited to the out of country applications but visas like spouse visa, elderly dependent visa, UK ancestry visa will generate the right of appeal.

You can either lodge a Paper appeal or Oral Appeal:

a) Paper appeal: The court fee to lodge a paper appeal is £80.00 per appellant.

b) Oral appeal: The court fee to lodge an Oral appeal is £140.00 per appellant.

The appeal must contain the grounds of appeal, once the appeal will be lodged then the respondent either the Home Office/UKVI or an Entry Clearance Manager will review the decision and if the decision will be maintained then you need to file the ASA (appeal skeleton argument) and then index to bundle.

Index to Bundle in Immigration Appeal:

Index to bundle should contain:

a) Appellant witness statement which the appellant needs to adopt at the time of the hearing.

b) Witness statement of every other witness

c) Evidence the appellant will be relying on

d) Refer to the case law or authority

e) Refer to the Immigration rules applicable or if relying on Article 8 of Human Rights then that.

Once the appeal will be heard then the Learned Immigration Judge will serve the appeal decision within 14 working days on both the parties i.e. the Home Office presenting officers unit and to the Appellant.

Should you wish then our UK Visa appeal lawyer can represent your Immigration appeal at the Immigration and Appeal tribunal, however, should you wish we can then engage and instruct the Barrister.

> Paper Immigration Appeal for the single appellant: £500.00 + £250.00 for additional appellant.

> Oral Appeals for a single appellant: £1500.00 + £350 for every additional appellant

Barristers’ fees will be excluding our fees.