If your UK visa is refused then do not worry as we herewith explain to you the option available to you, either to appeal, re-apply, administrative review, or Judicial Review.

a) Visitor Visa: which is further sub-divided and clients fail to understand the basic concept of visitor visa.

1) General Visitor Visa: Which the person applies in his own capacity just to visit the visa even if they have no sponsors. If this sort of visa has been refused by the entry clearance officer then you can apply for administrative review as general visitor visa do not generate a right of appeal.

2) Family Visit Visa: If your family visit visa has been refused then it generates a right of appeal on limited grounds i.e. Human Rights grounds (Article 8).

b) Entry Clearance as a Spouse/Fiance: If your spouse visa or a fiancee visa has been refused then you can appeal against the decision of the Entry Clearance Officer, however in most of the cases it is sensible to re-apply.

c) Further Leave to Remain: leave to remain (in-country) may generate a right of appeal but it solely depends on the time you have submitted the application as if their are no human rights are engaged and you make an application at this point of time then you may be left with a option of either administrative review or Judicial Review.

d) Point based system refusal: you will have no right of appeal only administrative review.

The right of appeal is generally granted under the section 82 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002.

Use/Benefit of an Immigration Appeal:

You will be having an opportunity to explain and express your concern to the Immigration Judge at Asylum and Immigration Tribunal if you have lodged an Oral appeal, however if you are relying on a paper appeal then it will be determined by the Immigration Judge merely on the basis of the documentary evidence attached with your witness statement in the paginated bundle.

You must be careful before you engage solicitors as not everybody as got good advocacy skills and it is not easy to convince the Immigration Judge to accept your evidence.

Our team of expert Immigration Solicitors has a wide range of experience as we have been representing the appeals in the Asylum and Immigration tribunal all over the UK since 2008 and our major work is based on referral.

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