By obtaining clean break order from the family court, you will have a piece of mind that all financial ties between you and your spouse are served and nobody can in future pursue a financial claim against each other.

The only way you to be sure that your ex-spouse can never make any financial claim in future is to obtain a clean break order with consent.

What are the risks of not getting a Clean Break Consent Order?

If you ignore or do not get a financial order, or if your financial order does not include a clean break, then your ex-spouse can come back to Court and try to make a claim for more money against you.

Even if it may not be successful but it will unnecessarily stress you to find yourself back in Court. Especially when have moved on and you had not anticipated or even remembered that this was possible.

This order offers you more protection than a Consent Order, which in certain circumstance can prove crucial. For example, if your financial situation has significantly improved, or perhaps your ex-spouse’s situation has substantially deteriorated, you could actually find yourself being ordered to pay him or her more.

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