What is British Citizenship: British citizenship is one of the 6 different forms of British nationality as stated in the British Nationality Act 1981. The most vital evidence of British citizenship is a British passport. Non UK nationals generally become eligible for British citizenship after a period of holding Indefinite Leave to Remain status in the UK. If someone feels that they have a claim to British nationality but cannot apply for a British passport due to insufficient documents, they are able to apply for a nationality status certificate.

Acquisition of British citizenship

It can be obtained in the following ways:

By birth in the UK, if the child is born in the UK to a person holding Indefinite leave to remain or British passport.
Children of a mother or father who is a British citizen
Through naturalization
Through registration

Those who have inherited their citizenship are called citizens “by descent” while others are called citizens “otherwise than by descent”. It is only the latter who can pass on their citizenship to their children automatically. Citizens by descent must register their children before being able to pass on citizenship. This registration must be done before the child is 18 years of age.

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